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Photographs and stories from the Centropa interviews

This exhibition is based on a research and conservation project initiated in 1999 in the city of Arad, Romania, by Edward Serotta (photographer, writer and film producer), the director of Centropa. As part of this project, the documentary footage available was stored on digital media, in an effort to preserve the memories and photographs of the Jewish communities of central and eastern Europe.


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Centropa - the Central Europe Center for Research and Documentation - with headquarters in Vienna and representing over 15 European countries, employs approximately 100 historians, film directors, web designers, journalists and professors, who over the course of 8 years have interviewed over 1500 Jews, collecting data about the culture and traditions of this community, based on their respective memories and life experiences. These testimonies are personal in nature, related to the Jewish way of life (both past and present), and do not aim to portray the Jews strictly from the prism of the Holocaust events. All these data are available at www.centropa.org

The exhibit Jewish Witness to a Romanian Century, based on family photos of old Romanian Jews, aims to reconstruct the Jewish lifestyle before the Second World War, during the war, and following the war up to the present. Each photo is accompanied by a short story, recounted by the surviving family members.

The principal goal of the exhibit is a didactic one, and we hope that in the future, in partnership with the Center for Hebrew Studies “Goldstein Goren” of the Bucharest University, the Idea Association, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania and other local partners we will be able to develop applications in museums, universities and schools. As such, the exhibit will travel to various cities inside and outside Romania, striving to convey via photography a part of Romanian history to as many children and adults as possible.

For details regarding the Centropa exhibit contact: centropa.bucharest@gmail.com

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