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Who are we?

We are among the few still alive today from the survivors of the Romanian Holocaust.


ARJVH (the Association of Romanian Jews Victims of the Holocaust) was founded in 1991 by a group of survivors, with the goal of providing legislative, moral and material support to Holocaust victims, as well as preserving the memory of the Holocaust and commemorating its martyrs.

Who can be a member the Association?

  1. Survivors of:
    • nazi concentration camps
    • concentration camps and ghettos in Transnistria
    • forced labor detachments
    • pogroms
    • forced relocation
  2. Direct descendants of Holocaust victims
  3. Sympathetic members

Executive management

The executive management of the Association is provided by a directive council elected periodically by the general assembly.
Over the duration of its existence, the executive management of the Association was provided by:

1990 – 2000:

Herman Freifeld – president
Nathan Amen – vicepresident
Friedrich Antschel – vicepresident

2001 – 2007:

Otto Adler – president
Liviu Beris – vicepresident
Radu Comşa – executive secretary

Beginning in 2007:
  • Liviu Beris – president
  • Israel Tanner – vicepresident
  • Octavian Fülöp – executiv secretary
  • members

The Activity of the Association

The activity of the Association is carried out on the following fronts:
  • memory of the Holocaust
  • legislative and consultative activities in view of obtaining legal rights

Preservation of the Holocaust memory:

Since its foundation, the Association has carried out an intense effort in this regard:
  1. conferences and talk-shows about the Holocaust, given by survivors in Romania and abroad. From 2004 to 2008 we organized over 190 conferences in schools and colleges, and participated in 9 talk shows broadcast via TV or radio.
  2. written and audio-visual bibliographical materials were developed, aiming to popularize the realities of the Holocaust, targeting in particular the educational institutions.
Along this line, the following books were printed between 2005 – 2008:
  • Camp dictionary;
  • Reflections about the Holocaust;
  • Echoes of the Holocaust in the universal literature;
  • Jews, cross the Dniester!
  • Holocaust under the Antonescu government (published in Romanian, English and Hungarian);
  • The Holocaust in the documents of the 3rd Reich (a collection of documents from the German archives);
  • Holocaust: Thoughts, ideas, sentiments;
  • Holocaust: Children ask, Survivors respond;
  • The trial of the ghettos in Northern Transylvania, vol I and II;

All the above books have been distributed in schools free of charge, as per the agreement between the Ministry of Education and the ARJVH.

Our Association played an active role in generating the report of the Committee for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania - Elie Wiesel.

The survivors of the concentration camps in Transnistria and German camps contributed with exhaustive interviews to books published by the Center for Recent History Research.

Most concentration camp survivors were the subject of filmed interviews, constituting a testimonial fund produced by the foundation "Shoah" created by Steven Spielberg.

Legislative and Consultative Activities:

  • The Association contributed to establishing legal rights for Holocaust victims, as stipulated in paragraphs 118/1990 şi 189/2000 of the Romanian law.
  • The Association grants consulting services to individual Holocaust victims, in view of obtaining the rights and benefits provided by the law.


Phone/fax ARJVH:  00-4021-322-9554
Email ARJVH:  aervh.ro@gmail.com

Contact persons:
President – Liviu Beris
Vicepresident – Israel Tanner
Executive secretary – Octavian Fülöp

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