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Our site contains a collection of testimonies regarding the Holocaust in Romania and in the territories under Romanian administration during the Second World War.
A lifetime ago, in a remote and seemingly unreal past, we lived through these events. We survived the pogroms, deportations and mass exterminations. We remained silent during the dark years of communist dictatorship, when the freedom of speech was taken from us. Now we break this silence, in the name of all those who can speak no more.
Years and years have passed, a small eternity. We were children back then. Now we are old, and fewer by the day. Oblivion and indifference have settled over the once burning pain. The memory of this part of history has often been shrugged off, and its teachings ignored.
But history has an alarming tendency to repeat itself when its teachings are ignored. Therefore, we have taken upon ourselves to preserve these memories. Similar to all other educational activities of the Association, the testimonies published on this site are meant to inform the Romanian and international public, striving to achieve a better understanding of the historic truth and to broaden the human horizon.
Without knowledge, understanding and compassion are impossible. And without these sentiments, the human condition is precarious.


Association of Romanian Jews Victims of the Holocaust